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My name is Carol Holtz and, among other things, I absolutely love supporting people who are motivated to improve their health and who are interested in building a business while doing so.

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I started my personal journey into better health and well-being in Sept. of 2012 with ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of taking advantage of the business opportunity that was provided along with the essential oils and products that I was using. Before I knew it, I had three people signed up on my team and it became more than evident that God was doing something bigger than me.

In the past several years, I have watched in amazement as my team of health and wellness-minded friends has grown, often in spite of me! My greatest delight is to watch others learn about our oils and products and to see their dreams for their families and businesses fulfilled.

While I have learned much about the essential oils and products that the company I have chosen to work with offers and I absolutely love helping others to experience them and learn more about them, perhaps my greatest passion is helping others learn how to earn, replace income and change the financial landscape of their family with the business opportunity that we are offered.   

My background is in office work. My college degree was in accounting and I have worked in retail sales and in office settings since graduating from Cedarville College (now University) in the early ’90s. I offer a unique perspective to my growing team of essential oilers in that I know what is required to operate my business AS a business and love to help others grow in their knowledge of the basics of growing a home-based business.

I am more than grateful for the difference in my life and the lives of those I love and have grown to love over these years with this “little oil business” that isn’t so little anymore!

Won’t you join me in this journey??

Message me by selecting the “Contact” option available to you on this website so that we can begin to talk about how you can join my team OR how I can help you grow a team of your own. My team and I will welcome you with open arms, do our very best to educate you and help you to make essential oils a part of your daily life and routines. We can’t wait to get to know you better!

If you have a team of your own and are not in a place to join with me in that way, I STILL feel confident that I can help you!  Click on the “Work with me” page of this website for more information on how I can help!

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