Oil Spotlight: Rosemary

Well, it’s been a minute. In spite of my best intentions, life has happened in the past few weeks and it has been FAR longer than I intended between blog posts, but today is the day to fix that!!!

Let’s talk about Rosemary oil! Friends, this is one of my very favorite oils! (If you stick around for a while, you’ll hear me say that often. There are just so MANY absolutely wonderful essential oils!)

I love the aroma of this one! It is so grounding, fragrant and yummy!

But besides all of that, why would YOU want to use it? And how?

doTERRA Rosemary Plant.png

Trying to relax? Let the renewing properties of Rosemary oil soothe your body and soul at the end of a long day by creating a relaxing essential oil bath. Adding essential oils to a warm bath can promote a calming, relaxing environment that allows you to take a break—both mentally and physically. Combine Rosemary, Frankincense, and Epsom salt into your bath for a rejuvenating experience when you are in need of a little “me time”.

Handy Usage tip: Add the essential oils to your Epsom salt before adding it to the bath water. This helps to emulsify the oils so that they don’t just float on top of the water and it will allow you to enjoy the effects in the bath more!

Rosemary also has great decongestant properties, so it is super helpful in encouraging good respiratory health! It can be used topically (I personally would suggest dilution of this oil, if using it topically), internally in a veggie cap or in a diffuser.

Here is a WONDERFUL diffuser blend that might be helpful in both keeping respiratory airways clear, uplifting the mood AND helping with critical thinking and emotionally helping you to be open to the future. What a great way to encourage healthy decision-making while at the same time encouraging good respiratory health!

Bright-Eyed Diffuser Blend (from the book Advanced Oil Magic, which you can find here: https://shop.oilmagicbook.com/products/advanced-oil-magic

Bright-Eyed Diffuser Blend.png

And one other DIY recipe that I use and enjoy around my home is one to keep the spiders and creepy-crawlies at bay! This time of year (I’m writing this in the late summer, if you’re reading it later), if I don’t keep ahead of them, I see a lot of our 8-legged friends inside of my home. I’m not a fan. I’ll leave them alone in their habitat, but NOT in mine! LOL! Not only does it keep the unwanted visitors away, it leaves a BEAUTIFUL aroma that is so uplifting, invigorating and fresh!

So, I make a spray in a 12-16 ounce spray bottle. My favorite is a continuous spray bottle that I order from dōTERRA. Here’s the link to find your own: https://doterra.me/hs7O5TLx.

Here is the recipe that I use for my spray:

Spider Spray.jpg

Each of our essential oils also provides emotional benefits when we use them! Rosemary aids in times of transition and change. It helps as you are critically thinking through situations and making decisions and users feel confident and assured during times of change in understanding and perspective. It helps with mental clarity, enlightenment and helps the users to be open to new experiences. It’s a POWERHOUSE oil in many ways!

Last but not least, I LOVE to use Rosemary oil in recipes. It has such an incredible savory flavor and is wonderful in marinades, sauces, soups and more!

Here are a couple of great recipes that you might want to try:





Which of these recipes sounds the best to you? Comment below and let me know OR tell me about other ways that you’ve used this incredible essential oil!

Invite me over when you make one of these recipes! I love me some Rosemary!