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What are Essential Oils?

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils provide plants with protection against environmental threats and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends in one of three methods:


Certain essential oils, when diffused, can be very stimulating, while others can be calming and soothing. Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air of unwanted odors.


CPTG essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can be safely applied topically.


Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements for targeted wellness.

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Get started with Oils

Simple Solutions Kit

If you’re just getting started with essential oils, the Simple Solutions Enrollment Kit is perfect for you. As the name suggests, this kit includes simple products that offer simple solutions to everyday problems and tasks. With three doTERRA powerhouse products—Lemon, doTERRA On Guard®, and doTERRA Serenity®—this kit is both simple and effective. Along with these three top-selling oils, Deep Blue® Rub ensures you truly have the basics covered to get started with essential oils.

Whether you want to clean your home naturally, support your immune system,* create an environment that’s conducive for sleep, or recover after a tough workout, all the products in this kit can help. For anyone who’s just getting started with essential oils or who wants to experience the power of natural products, this kit is what you need.

Kit Includes:

  • Lemon: (15 mL) - With natural cleansing properties, Lemon is effective for freshening the air and cleansing the surfaces in your home.
    doTERRA On Guard®:(15 mL) - This oil blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary can help support immune function when used internally.
    doTERRA Serenity®:(15 mL) - The calming and soothing aroma of doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend helps to create a tranquil atmosphere at bedtime.
    doTERRA Deep Blue® Rub: With this topical cream, formulated with the soothing Deep Blue oil blend, you can bring comfort to targeted areas of the body.


Aroma Essentials Collection

For those looking for simple ways to eliminate toxins in their home, aromatic products are easy starting points. But saying goodbye to synthetic fragrances from candles, air fresheners, and other artificial products doesn’t mean you have to give up the wonderful aromas you love so much. That’s why we created the Aroma Essentials Collection, which comes with the best essential oils to help you freshen your air and keep your family safe from harmful toxins.

This collection includes doTERRA powerhouse products to help you freshen the air in your home, while also providing refreshing, invigorating, and lovely aromas. With the Aroma Essentials Collection, you can create a fresh, clean environment that smells incredible—straight from nature.

Kit Includes:

(5 mL bottles)


dōTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend

dōTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend

Wild Orange

dōTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend

Citrus Bloom (Only regularly available in this kit)




Northern Escape (Only regularly available in this kit)

Laluz Diffuser - This one-of-a-kind ultrasonic diffuser has up to an eight-hour runtime and three ambient light settings to match whatever mood you’re in.

PV: 115.00
Retail: $206.67

Wholesale: $155.00

MetaPWR ® Starter System

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level.*


Designed to be used in a system, each MetaPWR product offers a specialty, while also supporting and enhancing the benefits of the other products.

The MetaPWR System Collection includes the following:

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend

MetaPWR Assist

MetaPWR Advantage with Collagen + NMN
MetaPWR Metabolic Blend Softgels
MetaPWR Metabolic Blend Beadlets
MetaPWR Metabolic Blend Satiety Gum.


Healthy Start Kit

Transforming your mind, body, and home has never been easier with essential oils and essential oil infused products. With doTERRA, you can be confident that your essential oils are safe, pure, and effective. This kit contains the Family Essentials Kit and Pebble Diffuser


Family Essentials Kit:

(5 mL bottles)




Tea Tree



Deep Blue®

dōTERRA Breathe®

dōTERRA On Guard®


Other Products:

Pebble Diffuser


Healthy Habits Kit

If you want to be the healthiest version of yourself, the best way to take charge of your wellness is by building habits. Every day, we make choices that either contribute to or take away from overall health. Making healthy choices is much easier when you have a routine. The products in the Healthy Habits Kit are the tools you need to make healthy choices every single day and establish a routine that lends itself to the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for. With bestselling doTERRA essential oils, blends, and supplements, the Healthy Habits Kit gives you support as you walk the path toward a happier, healthier you.

The Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit includes:

doTERRA On Guard® (5 mL)

doTERRA Balance® (5 mL)

Frankincense (5 mL)

Lemon (5 mL)

Lavender (5 mL)

Deep Blue® Rub

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®


xEO Mega®

Alpha CRS®+

Microplex VMz®

DigestZen® Supplements include

DigestZen TerraZyme®

andPB Assist®+

PV: 125.00
Retail: $260.00
Wholesale: $195.00

AromaTouch Enrollment Kit

Enroll with the AromaTouch Training Kit, and you’ll have everything you need to perform a life-changing technique. Plus, you’ll receive access to the AromaTouch Technique® Certification course!

When you enroll with the AromaTouch Training Kit, you’ll have the products you need to perform the AromaTouch Technique—a life-changing practice that creates a powerful essential oil experience for you to share with others.

With the kit, you’ll also receive access to the official doTERRA AromaTouch Technique Certification course, taught by Dr. Hill himself! If you’re ready to master the AromaTouch Technique, this kit is perfect for you.

This kit includes:

doTERRA Balance®15 mL
Lavender15 mL
Peppermint15 mL
Tea Tree15 mL
Wild Orange15 mL
AromaTouch®15 mL
Deep Blue®15 mL
doTERRA On Guard®15 mL
Fractionated Coconut Oil115 mL
Fractionated Coconut Oil Pump
AromaTouch Training Informational Card





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