There is so much to learn when it comes to Essential Oils! It can become overwhelming. To help you, this page will share some of our free training materials in an easy format that you can watch at your leisure and on any device.

Click on the photo in each block below to watch a Zoom or webinar style class to learn more about Essential Oils and how to use them!

As you’re watching, if you don’t have your own dōTERRA Wholesale Account

Hormones: It's NOT Just a Girl Thing!

Join us as we talk about hormones: Who has them, how they affect us, what we can do about them and more!

Even better, we have Dr. Tracey Huffman on board to offer her thoughts and the science behind them!

This was a FUN one!

2023 Becoming Convention Kit Reveal

Join us as we talk about dōTERRA's Becoming Convention, the new essential oils and products released at this year's event. We also break down when and how to order your own items from this kit!

Healthy Habits 101

In this video, we'll talk with you VERY quickly about 12 different essential oils, their uses and more, as well as the January 2024 Enrollment / Reactivation promotion AND a challenge our team is offering January 15th - February 13th, 2024!

Endocrine Disruption

Join us as Dr, Tracey Huffman of LiveFree Chiro Plus and Amy Holtz talk to us about Endocrine Disruption: What it is,
What causes it.
What the symptoms are.
What we can do to help lessen the toxic load on our systems.

All About the New Refer a Friend Program!

dōTERRA Income Opportunity Basics

Learn more about the income opportunity with dōTERRA, whether it be simply to earn enough to pay for some of your own oils or to replace or increase income in your home. It’s simple. Is it what YOU are looking for?

Gardening with Essential Oils

Essential Oils are for so much more than health and wellness applications for you and your family! I LOVE using oils to help nourish my container garden and my indoor plants as well! Join us in this video to learn more about how and why that works, which oils to use when and much more!

Ditch and Switch Home Products - Cleaning, Laundry and Home Fragrances

Download the PDF with info on the Basic Cleaning Kit and the Enrollment kit here:

Women's Health Workshop

You've spent the last three+ years taking care of people: Your spouse, kids, parents, other family members, friends, neighbors.

All around you, people have needed you.

Let me ask you a question: Have you been taking care of yourself while you've been doing for others?

As women, our health has so very many layers. In this fast-paced workshop we'll talk about things like the effect that toxic load, diet (meaning our food, not limiting our food intake to lose weight), supplements, our emotional health and stress and anxiety all play a part in our overall health.

Essential Oil ABCs

Learn more about the basics of Essential Oils and how to ensure that you are getting and using the best oils possible for your family in this fast-paced and informative workshop!!

2021 Spring Fling!

We had such a good time during this Zoom session talking about things like diffuser blends, roller bottle blend ideas, ideas for combating the bugs and the effects of the blooming flowers and trees during the spring months! Make sure you have a pen and paper ready as you watch this one! There’s LOTS to learn here!

Essential Science

It was so fun to have one of the leaders from my essential oil leadership team cover Essential Science in this video. Don't worry! We're not talking chemistry here, but just some very basic info about our oils and blending them! This is a fascinating topic and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Intro to AromaTools and Symphony of the Cells

Have you heard of the AromaTouch Technique or Symphony of the Cells? Both of these techniques are essential oil application techniques that are incredible tools when it comes to applying multiple oils to your family to help with specific needs or sets of symptoms. This will be a brief introduction to both techniques. If you have any questions once you have watched, be sure to use the Contact tab here on my website to ask! I am happy to help in any way that I can.

Happy and Healthy Kids

You already know that there is a LOT to the art of making sure the tiny humans in your home are happy, healthy, well-adjusted humans. How can essential oils and our other dōTERRA products help in that endeavor? In this video session, a part of our Continuing Education Series, we’ll talk about the role that YOUR health takes, supplements and oils for THEM and other considerations in your home that will help ensure everyone in your home is working together to keep your kids happy and healthy!

I offer some basic education about Essential Oils through a text service. Sign up by texting the word “learn” (without the quotation marks) to 615.270.2980.

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