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How do I use my oils? ~ Application methods

June 07, 20232 min read

One of the biggest purposes of this website overall is to help with education about essential oils, uses, tips, tricks, hints and to help you learn where to find them!

My Essential Oil Brand of choice is dōTERRA. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll talk more about why that is my brand of choice in more details, but for starters dōTERRA has incredible resources available to us in many different formats and we want to use this website/blog format to introduce you to many of them!

One of my personal favorites are the blog posts and articles that are made available to us!

So…as a way of introducing you to the blog posts and articles available to us from dōTERRA directly, I wanted to share this post about the ways that we use our oils! Here is a quick summary:

Diffuser with a bottle of oil

““Due to continual research being done on essential oils, more application methods are being developed. The three methods dōTERRA recommends for using essential oils is aromatically, topically, and internally. Essential oils have a powerful effect on the limbic system when used aromatically. Topical application is commonly used on specific target areas for quick absorption. When used internally, essential oils enter the bloodstream and are distributed throughout the body.””

Hop on over to the post here for all of the great info about ways that you can use our dōTERRA Essential Oils. THIS is the dōTERRA difference and one of the biggest reasons that I chose this company AND that I don’t use any other oils. Their quality is not to be beat! :)

Once you have read this blog post from dōTERRA, come back to the comments below this post and tell me what you learned or what your favorite piece of information in this post was!

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