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June 07, 20234 min read

I am so very glad that you are here!

You may be asking, “What is this all about”? So let me fill you in!

As I have worked over the last 10 1/2 years with people on my network marketing team, over and over there has been a recurring struggle that has caused people with a passion to share their oils hit a wall and sometimes even quit. And without fail it makes me sad.

The struggle is real! Before beginning my business with dōTERRA, I had well over 25 years of working in an office, on computers and office equipment and in a professional office environment. (To be honest, there were VASTLY different degrees of professionalism involved, but it was professional, nonetheless! LOL!)

But not everyone can say the same.

Even with that experience, there has been a major learning curve in building my network marketing business. I have grown along with social media and the countless other tools that are now available to us on electronic devices and online. They are all intended to make our lives and businesses easier, but often instead of making things easier, it makes even the seasoned business professional want to pull their hair out because of the frustration that it can cause.

So if I was confused and felt overwhelmed sometimes, I could only imagine what someone who hadn’t had the experience that I had must feel!

For the millenials and younger on my team, building their businesses online, using the tools available and managing social media is a breeze. They don’t think twice about diving in and figuring out the new things. Googling an answer or using YouTube to figure out how to do just about anything is just natural for them.

But what are YOU supposed to do?

If you are new to essential oils…

If you’ve been using them for a while…

If the idea of having to find solutions, protocols and answers to questions about how to use essential oils overwhelms you…

If you are in the group that becomes paralyzed by any new tool that is put in your path…

If doing things like setting up notifications, tagging friends, sharing posts, doing a Facebook or InstaGram Live or Story, setting up a group or a page or an event is enough to make you freeze and quit…

If trying to figure out how to navigate your back office in a Multi-Level or Network Marketing environment or your ordering portal or whatever your business website for your company is called is enough to shut you down…

If you WANT to build a business of your own, but the idea of having to navigate “technology” and the “interwebs” and social media and email and basic business “stuff” and more intimidates you…

This blog is for you!

I want you to succeed. I want you to win. I want your life to change and for you to be able to help change the lives of others because you KNOW what to do to pass on information that you have learned by using Facebook or Zoom or Instagram. I want you to be able to fully participate in the opportunities for training and learning that come your way online AND I want you to be able to actually facilitate some of those types of things on your own!

So, will you join us?

I’m so excited to do all that I can to answer questions and help you figure out how to make this thing called networking marketing WORK for you!!

So, what kinds of things would you like for us to cover in this blog? I want to help in any way that I can and if I don’t know how to do it, I want to help find you others who can!

Please take a moment to comment below and let me know what would be of the most help to you. NOTHING is too basic. Don’t feel silly asking.

Sometimes the posts will come to you in the form of a blog post with screenshots and lots of pictures, but sometimes it will be in the form of a video showing you how.

Let’s do this thing together! Are you ready? I am and I’m excited!!!

In the meantime, if you aren’t already, be sure to sign up for my email list so that you can receive updates and notifications when I post new blog posts, videos or other helpful information, both here on the blog and anywhere on my website.

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